Allas : Coated Control Release Urea
Chemical name:Urea
CAS No.: 57-13-6
Formula: CH4n2o
EINECS: 200-315-5
Certification: ISO9001, TUV, GMP, ISO, CE
Application: Vegetables, Flowers, Fruit
Appearance: Granular
Equivalent Product Name:N.A
Equivalent Chemical Name:diaminomethanal;Urea;UREUM;
Customization: Available


Coated Control Release Urea-The fifth generation Polymer-coated urea(PCU)

The ultrathin coating technology was applied to the granule. The product was tested by domestic and foreign research institutes, colleges and universities, and agricultural extension departments. The results indicate that the new generation polymer-coated urea enhanced urea use efficiency than that of conventional fertilizer.

Manufactured by the unique advanced technique and totally controlled by DCS central control system, the continuous processing line has been the highest level of automation, the highest productivity. The fifth generation PCU has the highest N content, thinnest coating, easily degradable and longest release period. The special manufacturing process gives each granule a durable and consistent coating. The products will give you and your customers superior fertilizer performance because of its unique, advanced coating technology. The product is better than that of national standard.

Products list

Type Longevity at 25℃ (Soil Temp.) Initial Release Rate Particle Size
45-0-0 30 days Max 12% 2.0-4.75 mm Min 99%
44-0-0 60 days Max 5% 2.0-4.75 mm Min 99%
44-0-0 90 days Max 5% 2.0-4.75 mm Min 99%

Product analysis

44-0-0 45-0-0
Total Nitrogen 44% 45%
Urea Nitrogen 44% 45%



Longevity of different products
45-0-0(30 days) 44-0-0(60 days) 44-0-0(90 days)
Soil Temp. 15°C 45 days 90 days 120 days
25°C 30 days 60 days 90 days
30°C 15 days 45 days 60 days


High particle uniformity

The unique screening system is used to screen the large urea particles for the second time, and only the particles between 2.0-4.75mm are retained. The particle uniformity is high, and the controlled release effect is more stable.

Anti floating treatment

Anti-floating treatment can be carried out for products used in paddy fields. The highly efficient and environmentally friendly anti-floating technology can reduce the floating rate of fertilizer from 15% to 0%.

Longer release period

Generally, the controlled release period of resin-coated urea products is 2 months. By adjusting the formula of membrane materials, the controlled release period can be extended to 3-6 months under the same coating rate.

Degradable high-tech coating materials, continuously controlled supply of Nitrogen

The fifth-generation coating is easily degradable and high-tech, in special nitrogen-regular mode, providing a continuous and controlled supply of nitrogen with a typical “S” release curve. Nitrogen slow-release characteristics fit for target crops in different growth stages.

Higher Nitrogen content and Longer release longevity

The thin, durable, and consistent coating makes the product higher nitrogen content. And the PCU is good for producing kinds of BB fertilizers for different crops. The more consistent, durable coating means a more gradual, long-lasting release.

Environmentally friendly

The production process of PCU is clean and the coating degrades naturally and safely in time. It was solvent-free in the processing line. The product quality was stable and controlled. It’s healthy and stress-free for plant development and food safety. Using PCU practically avoids leaching or volatilization of nutrients. After the release is complete, the coating will degrade gradually, leaving no residues in the soil.

Highly efficient and economical

Apply only once and gain significant savings in labor costs and time. Lower transportation and warehousing costs. Less fertilizer is necessary to achieve optimum results.

Release rate curve in still water at 25 ℃

Release rate curve
Release rate curve in still water at 25 ℃

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